We Have the Parts You Need
Kessler, Mobil Elektronik, Heyd, Neumeister

KTSDI offers a full range of spare parts for our partner companies. We stock all common wear items (O-Rings, Seals, Gaskets, Bushings Etc..) as well as many specialty items. We’re growing our inventory on a daily basis and have frequent stock orders being brought in from Germany. If you need a part and we don’t have it on our shelf we can combine with one of our stock orders (all stock orders are currently shipped in via Air!) or can have your items uniquely ordered and brought to the states via air freight.

We Don't Stop At Axles

We not only stock a wide variety of spare parts for Kessler axles but we also have an extensive selection of Mobil Elektronik steering components including cables, fittings transducers and steering computers. We have the knowledge and capabilities to flash our existing stock of steering computers and componentry to your specific parameters to assure that all systems continue to function properly.

We have a large selection of the most common Heyd components including complete track rods, track rod ends and replacement rubber boots. Even if your track rod components are not made by Heyd, contact us if you want to upgrade to better quality and higher grade components. If the components aren't already manufactured we can look into supplying them.

We also Offer Neumeister Cylinders as spare components with the possibility of custom making cylinders to match your need or replacing your existing installed hydraulic cylinders with Neumeister's own brand and cut down on costs and lead times.