Mobil Elektronik

  • KTSDI is the North American Mobil Elektronik OEM sales representative.
  • Complete vehicle system controls.
  • REAR STEER BY WIRE for chassis mfgs.
  • Electronic steering systems.
  • Steer by wire (X-by-Wire).
  • Rotary Position Potentiometers.
  • Steering signal generators.

Alfred Heyd

  • KTSDI is the North American Heyd OEM sales representative.
  • Heyd manufactures high quality ball joints, universal joints, steering linkages, rod ends and related components.
  • Heyd was was formed in 1935 in Bissingen, Germany where the first PATENTED Vexier Ball Joints were produced.
  • Heyd has locations in Bissingen (3 plants with around 250 employees) and in Öhringen (1 plant with around 100 employees).

Neumeister Hydraulik

  • KTSDI is the North American OEM sales representative.
  • Specialized hydraulic cylinder manufacturer.
  • Heavy Transportation Industry.
  • Patented Hydraulic mechanical locking cylinders.
  • Hydraulic control systems.
  • Specializing in large diameter heavy mobile applications.