KTSDI, A Tradition of Vehicle Solutions

KTSDI has a long history of providing high quality vehicle solutions to a variety of OEM applications. In the North American market KTSDI represents 4 German companies, all of which engineer and manufacture top of the line heavy duty vehicle components.

KTSDI also represents Mobil Elektronik steer by wire systems, the recognized leaders in control by wire systems for heavy duty on and off highway vehicles. Mobil Elektronik provides steering components including angle transducers, steering sensors, computers, cables and couplings to allow for fluid precise control of your vehicle's wheels. Mobil Elektronik components are common on Garbage Vehicles, Fire and Rescue vehicles, All Terrain Cranes, Straddle Carriers and so much more!

Alfred Heyd manufactures high quality track rods and track rod ends (more commonly known as ball joints). Heyd specializes in small run niche needs, but has the capacity for large scale production of componentry.

Our Strength is in Synergy

KTSDI supported components work well together. We've helped engineer projects using all solutions from all of our partner companies. Mobil Elektronik steering components work seamlessly with Kessler axles and Heyd track rods while the vehicle is supported by Neumeister Hydraulic cylinders. Our partner companies stand together as well as they stand alone, each can be designed and fit into any application and be paired with each other or with your existing components.